A lick of salt and the sour tang of lime balanced by a hint of sweet make the margarita the perfect summer thirst quencher. Fresh cane juice or tamarind puree makes it better than perfect.


The Seasonal Cocktail Companion is a season-by-season toolkit for stocking the bar straight from the farmers' market. From rhubarb bitters in the springtime to Horchata nog in the summer, spirits expert Maggie Savarino provides the tools needed to infuse any bar with flavorful character.


This book features recipes based around specific seasonal ingredients of a culinary bent and shows how certain cocktails can transition through the seasons — winterizing tequila and getting nog out in the sun. Drink recipes include those that are geared towards a particular season, as well as classic recipes — such as the champagne cocktail or punch — re-imagined for each season.